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Cemetery Memorials

All monuments, bases, and foundations are solid granite. See our Gallery for our portfolio of previous monuments

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How to Design a Memorial:

  1. Reflect on your loved one’s accomplishments, special memories and hobbies.
  2. Collect all data needed for engraving: family name, first and middle names, maiden name, birth date, death date. (Do you want month/day/year or just years?)
  3. Choose a stone type and color. (Do you want base color to match your stone color?)
  4. Choose an epitaph.
  5. Contact our office to meet to discuss and explore possible symbols that honour the life remembered (many image options are available, or a new one can be designed), and provide all the information collected.
  6. Choose a font option.
  7. Together we will create a design and a rough proof. You will have an opportunity to make revisions and approve the final proof.
  8. Within your memorial is preserved the memories of your loved one.

Design Options

Stone Types

  • Upright

  • Slope / Pillow

  • Slant / Hickey

  • Marker / Plaque

  • Unique - Front

  • Unique - Back

**click on the images to see them bigger

Samples of Granite Colours

Forever Memorials orders granite monuments, bases, and slabs precut from Quebec.

Please note that the colors viewed on your monitor display may vary front the actual colors of the product.

  • Black

  • Blue

  • Grey

  • Red

  • White

*click on the images to see them bigger

Epitaph Examples

1. Rest In Peace
2. My Trust Is In God
3. Ever Kind And True
4. Life’s Work Well Done
5. May (He/She/They) Rest In Peace
6. Gone But Not Forgotten
7. In Silence We Remember
8. Until We Meet Again
9. (He/She) Is At Rest In Heaven
10. (He/She) Has Kept The Faith
11. Into Thy Hands, O Lord
12. Forever With The Lord
13. Kind, Loving And Faithful
14. Resting Where No Shadows Fall
15. With Christ, Which Is Far Better
16. Loved By All Who Knew (Him/Her)
17. Ever Remembered, Ever Loved
18. A Beautiful Memory Lingers
19. She Was The Sunshine Or Our Home
20. A Tender Mother, A Faithful Friend
21. The Lord Is My Shepherd, I Shall Not Want
22. God Be With You, Till We Meet Again
23. The Lord Is Thy Keeper
24. Safe In The Arms Of Jesus
25. In God I Have Put My Trust
26. To Live In Hearts We Leave Behind Is Not To Die
27. They Served God Well
28. Our Lives Are Better Today Because We Knew Them Yesterday
29. Laughed Often and Loved Much
30. No One Says Farewell
31. God Gave Us Love Forever
32. Never stop singing
33. Your memory will live on in our hearts
34. With a song in our hearts We remember ...
35. Memories are yours to keep as we remain in peaceful sleep
36. She/He was a tiny bird with a big song!
37. Gone, but never forgotten
38. In loving memory (of)
39. Until we walk/dance together again
40. I’ve earned my wings
41. A life measured in memories, not years
42. Asleep in peace
43. Your song has ended, but the melody lingers on
44. Memories keep you with us
45. Step softly, memories lie buried here
46. Your love continues to light my way, your memory will never leave me
47. To live in the hearts of those we love is never to die
48. Until we meet again
49. Forever in our hearts
50. Always in our hearts
51. At rest with God
52. Home with God, which is far better
53. Everlasting life through Christ
54. Rest is thine – sweet memory ours
55. Loving memories last forever
56. Your love will light my way, your memory will ever be with me
57. A precious gift returned to God
58. You are (were) the wind beneath my wings
59. Just look for me beyond the sky, for high above I do fly
60. Love is eternal
61. So gentle, kind and good
62. Your memory is a light to guide us
63. So tender, so kind, a beautiful memory left behind
64. He/She played a great game

65. We worked (lived) together in happiness, now we rest together in peace
66. Love lives on
67. A beautiful memory lingers
68. She/he touched everyone with special love and kindness
69. A free spirit
70. An inspiration to all
71. Forever young, forever in our hearts
72. Precious are the memories of (name)
73. They gave their today for our tomorrow
74. Lord, thank you for a beautiful life
75. Nature is the art of God eternal
76. No one says farewell
77. Sacred is the memory of (name)
78. Kind, loving and faithful
79. Don’t think of me as gone away, my journey’s just begun
80. The world’s loss was heaven’s gain when God took you home
81. Singing with the angels
82. A gentle heart and courageous spirit
83. In silence we remember
84. A love without end ... Amen
85. Memories to treasure
86. Love is patient, love is kind, love never fails
87. Forever at peace
88. Forever with the Lord
89. Dying is but going home
90. This life is but a passing dream, we soon shall wake in heaven
91. He gave thee, He took thee, and He will restore thee
92. Faith – to suffer, to die and to rise again
93. Love one another as I have loved you
94. Home with Jesus
95. With Christ, which is far better
96. A loving father/mother, tender and kind, what a beautiful memory you left behind


1. Gone Fishing (Fishin’)
2. Mission accomplished
3. The best is yet to come
4. God knows I tried
5. Going, going, gone
6. Zzz zzz zzz ...
7. That’s all folks!
8. A gardener is planted here

For Children

1. Jesus Called A Little Child Unto Him
2. Our Loved One Sleeps Here
3. Asleep In Jesus
4. Children are a heritage of the Lord - Psalms 127:3
5. God’s garden has need of little flowers
6. Remembering a tiny angel
7. Budded/Blossomed on earth to bloom in Heaven
8. Our baby is in Heaven
9. Our littlest angel who went back to Heaven
10. Ours for a little while, with Jesus forever
11. Ours for a moment, with our Lord forever
12. Sleep on sweet baby and take thy rest, God called thee home, He thought it best
13. Our little angel
14. So little, yet so loved
15. Precious memories of a little angel

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Custom Images Library

Shown are different variation of how a family name can be engraved. There are many in-house design options available. If we don't have what you are looking for, we will design it using our design software. Shown are some engravings of some images, showing different styles we are able to engrave (ex: same mountain, three different ways to engrave it)

Note: There are 100's of image options to choose from.

Please contact us or see us in office to view our binder or check out our Custom Images Library here. This is a large file and may take a few minutes to load.

Font Options

Shown are different variation of how a family name can be engraved. There are many in-house design options available.

Please contact us or see us in office to view our binder or check out our selection of fonts here. This is a large file and may take a few minutes to load.



Diamond Etching and Laser Etching is available through outside engraving businesses. Please enquire if you are interested. Extra cost for transportation of monument to and from Forever Memorials to this engraver will apply. Etching done on black granite uprights or hickeys only.

Cremation Memorials

If you would like to add a cremation memorial to an existing gravesite, you can choose one of the options below. If you are looking for a unique one of a kind urn, check out these options

Add lettering

Add lettering to an existing memorial

Replace the base

Replace the base and letter the front


Add a subbase and engrave new lettering on it


Install a marker flush with the ground in front of the existing memorial


**click on the images to see them bigger


Available by Request. We also have a partnership with 4th Dimension Woodworking to provide custom made Urns. Click here to learn more


Porcelain Photos

Available by Request



Canadian Veteran Emblem


"Commemorate your Hero" can be added to any new or existing monument.


Type: "Crest"


Type: "Patriot"


Type: "Cameo"

* Other colours and options available. Please contact us to see more.

Type: "Metal P2" vs "P1"

Type: "Metal P4" vs "P3" vs "Cameo"

Type: "Metal P2" (includes solar light)

Type: "Metal P3"

Type: "Metal P4" (Includes Solar Light)

Type: "Metal P4" double

Type: "Metal P4" (Night view)

Pet Monuments

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Field Stone Engravings

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